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Mens Health and Wellness

Mens wellbeing is a significant issue that needs more concentration in the media and clinical network. Albeit a great deal of progress has happened in the course of recent years there is still a lot to do. We have to recognize genuine medical problems from corrective needs and presumptions. Very frequently when you hear Mens or Womans wellbeing it will in general lean towards magnificence subjects versus health as we are upholding here. Inside wellbeing needs and patterns are the place we will endeavor to center our exploration and give input later on at Planet Berry. “ban linh phai manh” is very important with all men to protect their family happiness. “Ban linh phai manh” help they can do any things what they want.


Do exercise is the best way to improve men’s health


This is such a mens medical problems you ought to consider. Mens wellbeing is critical to find out about and to stay up with the latest on. We as a general public ought to never miss the mark in conveying new examination and discoveries all through the clinical network that help everyone’s benefit. This is our objective. The present theme is wellbeing and health for men.Health and wellbeing is the twin issues you can never bear to disregard. A yearly intend to direct legitimate physical wellness tests and estimations is a decent establishment once you arrive at the age of thirty.


Indeed we are for the most part living to a lot more established ages by and large however would we say we are doing as such with a superior personal satisfaction and in this manner health? Present day medication is genuinely a supernatural occurrence yet now and again it also can confine characteristic solutions because of a paranoid fear of absence of help from the legislature or as we as a whole know the FDA. FDA isn’t malicious. It exists to secure the populace as well as can be expected by compelling organizations to confirm their cases and hence items through definite investigation and clinical testing. In such and condition speed to showcase is yielded for everyone’s benefit. Mens wellbeing just as Womans wellbeing is, now and again, compelled to pioneer normal enhancements, for example, the acai berry of the Amazon rainforest to check whether they profit by the state ads. The Acai is only one model as you have numerous regular enhancements found in every one of the four corners of the world which increase the value of our general wellbeing and health. See more detail at


Health is the most important with men


Mens wellbeing isn’t about simply being athletic. Everybody needs to look great. Competitors will in general set the bar and good examples are anything but difficult to track down. In any case, practically the responsibility to a competitors truly conditioned body takes significantly more of an individual duty than most need to accept or put resources into. No alternate ways except if you take an unlawful course maybe with unapproved steroids. We never suggest this course and profoundly dishearten its training. A harmony between the top and base (stoutness) is a progressively agreeable desire. So much should be possible for mens wellbeing with basic advances like a change to your eating regimen which you can see tests of and gain understanding to at Planet Berry.


In outline, we accept a balanced eating regimen observed by a nutritionist to begin you off and audited with your clinical expert is an incredible initial step. The expense of doing this underlying advance is definitely justified even despite the speculation for the drawn out wellbeing and health you will accomplish. Do your examination and study current patterns and themes that interrelate to this subject. Be as dynamic as possible consistently. Try not to fall prey to the 3 times each week mentality. Its consistently or something bad might happen! We enthusiastically suggest pedometers as they will monitor your means every day and by and large trigger that serious soul within each one of us to arrive at the 10,000 stages for every day as suggested by driving doctors all through the nation, for example, Dr. Perricone. Adjust your perspective and you will change your wellbeing and in this way health generally speaking. Be available to new thoughts however consistently counsel your doctor first before adding new enhancements or treatments to your ordinary everyday practice.

We help you to choose safe medicine during lactation


Past couple of month has been busiest months of my life. First delivering a baby is tough enough and then raising a baby is toughest job in
this world.

Thank fully my little Denial is doing good and is getting all the time
stone on time health wise its demanding for me to be a single mother but yet
its very satisfying none the less. Denial is now 3 months old and trust me
these three months has bee sleepless nights for me.

First he wakes up every 2 hours and his feeding routine mostly consist breast milk so it’s a huge change
in my schedules. I used to be deep sleeper but not any more there is a constant
burden of responsibility not that I don’t like it but that sudden change in
life style is demanding in it self.

One year back when I conceived I had no idea that life is going to be this tough
this has been quite a while when I am writing something down on pc and this thanks
go to my mom who helped me a lot these days. For first week the biggest problem
was that Denial was unable to latch properly so breast milk nutrition was
impossible for him but then my mom came for rescue and finally I learned settle
art of breastfeeding. Some of my friends suggested me to go for bottle milk but
I have know from very long that nursing a baby and lactation is not just good
for baby’s health it’s also very important for physiological development of
baby, mother milk creates an unbreakable bond between mother and son.

Its great that science has came a long way and formula milk is now almost as nutritional
as mothers milk but still formula milk cannot bring the love that a nursing
mother can provide. Meanwhile I have been very causes about the arthritis
medications that I take because so many medicines pass in breast milk and some
of them are very dangerous for little Denial.

I have stopped using sunscreen because they contain very harmful substance like octinoxate and octisalate which gets
absorbed in skin and then it reaches to breast milk and these drugs in breast milk
are really bad for babies. If I have to use sunscreen then I go for mineral
based but still I avoid them and no deodorant as well. These days I go for
perfumes as the do not come in contact of skin directly.

How to replace the leg press?


It often happens that certain exercises are not suitable for the athlete, and therefore it is important to find a worthy alternative to them. In this article, we will discuss how to replace leg press.

Leg press in the simulator is traditionally referred to as basic exercise for training leg muscles. Usually, the leg press is performed on the day of training the legs after or instead of squats with the barbell since this movement perfectly engages the front surface of the hips, our quadriceps. But what if you, for some reason, are unable to include this leg exercise in your training program? How to replace leg press in the simulator? This is what will discuss.

Leg press alternative. How to replace the leg press?

More often, people are interested in the question of how to replace squats with a barbell, since squats are a more traumatic exercise with the axial load to the spine. Therefore, people who have back problems perform leg presses instead of squats. But, nevertheless, there are such cases that a person has no contraindications, do squats without problems, and is looking for something to replace with leg press only because there is no leg press simulator in the gym.

So, the leg press is a basic exercise for training the leg muscles (quadriceps). If for some reason this movement does not suit you, you can replace it with another basic one.

The best exercises that replace the leg press:

Hack squats
Leg Press in Smith machine
Lunges (with barbell or dumbbell)

Barbell squats are the best alternative to the leg press, but it is more difficult. Most often, squats with a barbell are replaced with leg presses, and not vice versa. Although the squats are more effective. Immediately, it can be noted that for the body, squats, albeit with weight, are much more natural than the leg press of weights that exceed those that the athlete could withstand in a natural position. Using a special simulator for leg presses, the athlete does not need to maintain balance, as the body is precisely fixed, and the main legs work.

Squats are the most natural exercise, as part of our everyday life, which means that they can replace the bench.

Many believe that squats are difficult to perform technically, so they are sure that the leg press wins in this regard. In fact, it is squats that are the basis of bodybuilding training routines, and without them, you can’t achieve the result. So why not start right away, with small weights, gradually increasing the bar?

A powerful argument in favor of squats is the “hormonal response” of the body to them. In the process of squats, even with dumbbells and at home, the body produces growth hormone and testosterone. Leg press does not lead to such an effect!

Penis enlargement is quite important in today’s world


As bigger size not only help you to satisfy her better in bed and it will also help you to boost your confidence.

But there are some natural ways to do it and there are some harmful ways to do it.

Taking medicine for growing your organ can be really harmful.

Nowadays, you get enlargement medicine which have other side effects like heart ache, depression and other health issues.

this medicines not only make your penis worse but degrade your health also.

Other things are like putting weights on your penis which can damage your nerves and blood vessels of the organ.

Even some people turn towards surgery to see results.

These things are just going to waste your money and give you no results.

So, it is better to try some natural ways to increase your penis size.

By doing workouts and exercises, which will increase your blood flow to the organ and increase its size.

Which workouts are correct to do ?

you may go to YouTube or any random websites and start doing exercises mentioned there. Do it for you weeks and get disappointment, why ..?

It is because they are just doing it to promote their websites and sell their products.

What you need is a proper penis Enlargement Exercise routine ?

That’s why you need to try PE Bible , it is written by John Collins who is a sex expert and helped almost 50,000 man to attain their dream size world wide.

This whole system is based on natural biological system how our body works, and biochemicals are produced to enhance your size.

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Sport and Fitness Supplements

Sport and fitness supplements are used by a variety of people for the achievement of their goals in physical fitness, building lean muscle as well as weight loss itself. One of the key issues that often sets one back in terms of their muscle building or at least their efforts in the gym is quite often the incorrect use of these products, and whilst one may display great enthusiasm and commitment to the physical activity part of the equation, if they are not utilising the correct products then you really are defeating the object of the entire exercise.

The use of sport and fitness supplements are all dictated by time, affordability or at least the availability thereof, especially in the case of time, as we would all like to do a million things but in our current and often hectic lives time just is not always available. Either way once you have made the decision to build muscle and lose some of that fat then the most logical place to start is with both the workout routine and the eating plan that you have in mind to incorporate your sport and fitness supplements into.

Considering your diet, you would do well in focusing on high protein foods, such as that of meat, dairy and related food types, whilst additional supplementation can be via whey protein products and other pro mass or weight gaining supplements, this is the basic building block that will be required. In essence you should be focussing on foods and sport and fitness supplements that encourage or at the very facilitate the growth of muscle, whilst further aiding in the loss of fat which can be accomplished via the lowering of the intake of processed foods, and unnecessarily fatty foods.

Do not believe for one minute that the use of sport and fitness supplements, and a well structured diet and or eating plan will guarantee a physique and body that people will be envious of, rather accept the fact that a lot of hard work both in the gym and outside will be required to get that ideal shape and form you have set for yourself to achieve. In addition to a suitable workout routine and a balanced diet or eating plan, the right mental frame of mind and attitude will enable you to achieve these goals.

If you are looking into the use of creatine in terms of the sport and fitness supplements that are currently available, then you should further be made aware that this supplement can have an opposite effect in terms of providing strength if you are not really working out hard and pushing yourself to the limit. Although this does not imply that any sort of negative side effects will befall you, you would rather just be wasting both your time and money by utilising such a supplement. Consider your entire motivation as well as your routines, diets and workouts when deciding upon which sport and fitness supplements you will incorporate into your plans, once you have a well laid out plan you will in all likelihood achieve your goals.

Enhancing Yourself With Sport and Fitness Supplements

If one has to consider the sport and fitness supplements as they pertain to golf, for instance, one will realize that the golfer often needs an extra amount of strength to accomplish those long distance drives down the fairway. By executing a longer drive the chances of reducing the amount of shots per hole increases, which in turn will add to your overall game. On the lighter side, it is doubtful that there are sport and fitness supplements to improve upon your accuracy though.

Whey protein powders, as well as the liquid form, creatines and the nitric oxide sport and fitness supplements are ideal in increasing your strength and endurance for the above mentioned purposes, and are obviously not limited to the sport of golf, but can be applied across all sports. This is without the fear of reprisal in terms of using illegal performance enhancers, as these sport and fitness supplements are all natural, or naturally occurring substances which are easily accessible and widely accepted in modern day sporting environments.

Ideally in the event of wanting to enhance or improve your fitness, strength or endurance capabilities, the use of such sport and fitness supplements should be in conjunction with a exercise and workout routine. This will ensure that you maximise your efforts of improving upon the mentioned skills. Unfortunately, and contradictory to many claims, there does not exist a magic formula that will promote strength, fitness and endurance without the accompanying physical effort that is required.

Dependent upon which sport and fitness supplements you have chosen to use in enhancing your abilities, the intake would be dictated by the specific type and frequency of your exercise programs. Most of these supplementation products are designed to accompany a well balanced diet, and are normally recommended to be taken both before and after your gym or training session. This is due to the fact that some of the supplementation products provide addition energy for the physical efforts, which lead to more endurance during the training and therefore add to the increase of strength. Hence by consuming the product prior to working out you body will benefit from the added energy, as well as providing the muscles with added nutrients to increase your abilities during training. Many protein products should be taken afterwards too, as they mostly have a repair effect on the muscles that were exerted during training.

The benefits of the mentioned sport and fitness supplements actually extend beyond sporting and fitness issues, as many of these are utilized within the medical field too. Protein is a known supplement that is often providing to starving people, due to the quick digestion or ingestion as the case may be, whilst the use of several sport and fitness supplements are further used in the treatment of a variety of conditions.

The Benefits of Eating Healthy Are Endless

We live in a world of preservatives; a big percentage in our diet consists of processed foods and is most unhealthy. More than 3,000 food additives, preservatives, flavorings, color and other ingredients are added to our foods. This has ramifications for our health which in turn can bring on many illnesses. The right choice and eating healthy is now more important than in the past when food quality was better than to what it is today.

More and more of us, it seems, are negatively affected by the food we eat, therefore it has become more crucial and beneficial of eating healthy. With the many pressures and lifestyle changes over the last decade or so people are so busy these days they forget the benefits of eating healthy. For the quickest way to have a meal, fast food and take away is often chosen over cocking or preparing meals at home. So, we don’t think about the healthy diet any more. We prefer to consume fast foods instead of healthy diets because we don’t take the time to prepare the healthy diet.

The unfortunate part of all this, our health will suffer; maybe not now, but in years to come. However, this is subject to change for anyone who is willing because there are many benefits of eating healthy. This information will show some of the health benefits offered by eating healthy. Change of lifestyle and diet to improve your overall health is worth the investment for the dividend you will receive in years to come, and much safer than the stock market.

Maintain Healthy Weight

It is important to keep your weight within the healthy standard. This is not hard to do. When changing your diet to healthy food the weight will automatically adjust over time and stay at a healthy level. Try to consume healthy foods, for instance: fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, or other natural proteins. This will start to stabilize the weight. The benefits will start to show when processed fatty and sugary foods are replaced for nutritious ones. There are many benefits of eating healthy and weight control is one of them.

A Noticeable Difference in Feeling Better

Consuming healthy food is important to make you feel better every day. The natural vegetables and fruits are effective in providing lots of energy levels throughout the day because they contain many compounds that are helpful to improve your overall health. As well it builds your muscle tone and improves your confidence. Studies have shown and many experts believe that the healthy diet can improve some ones confidence and social skills. It means, a proper diet is able to improve your overall mood and confidence level during the day.

Strong Immune System

The immune system in your body is the protector of your organs from any illness or disease, providing the immune system is strong. This has many functions, such as detoxification, anti inflammatory and its antioxidant system. If imbalance occurs in any of those systems by not getting the right nutrients this will increase the risk for illnesses to take hold. Eating enough healthy food everyday is beneficial because it keeps your immune system strong, which comes from the nutrients contained in raw vegetables.

There are many good nutrients that can prevent disease and strengthen the immune system. Try to consume foods with high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, which is the miracle worker when it comes to health. It is also known that the body cannot make its own omega 3, so it has to come from food we eat. It is important to include such foods in to your diet: any meat from grass-fed animals if possible, organic milk, fish, olive oil, krill oil, calamari (or squid), salmon, scallops, mussels, some dairy products, nuts and more.

How much do you need? Healthy adults (and pregnant women) should aim for 500 mg of omega 3 a day; if you have or are at risk of heart disease, a higher quantity may be taken. A variety and mixture of foods are important with all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins to include in to your daily diet for optimal health. Because there are times when it is not always possible to follow a strict diet plan every day, in its place a specific natural supplement is able to take care of any shortfall.

Helps to Build a Healthy Mind

Building a healthy mind is one of the benefits of eating better. Healthy foods are important to keep your brain and mind sharp. There are many essential nutrients, such as the omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, tryptophan, DHA, and many more, which are important for our brain and body functioning normally. Those nutrients really improve your brain function, you can always have a positive mind when you consume healthy foods regularly. The benefits of eating healthy are endless and there are many more options you choose from.

The Art of Healthy Living – The True Meaning of the Art of Healthy Living

The Art Of Healthy Living is a term that is thrown around very loosely. Most of the time people think it is a “cool” expression or they just need something catchy to put on their site but that’s not what this phrase is about. The Art Of Healthy Living is just that an Art. People never talk about Healthy Living in terms of it being an art form. People see it as something they are obligated to do or something they do to impress people. Some people use Healthy Living as a crutch to prove how self righteous they can be. These are the types that always insist you are unhealthy unless you start eating and living like them. I will do my best to clear up misconceptions about Art and the way of Healthy Living.

What does Art mean to you? You probably had many things pop in your head just there. Before I tell you what art means to me I want you to first empty your cup of tea so that you may taste mine. This an old Zen expression that means to abandon all things you think you know so that you may learn once again. If you were in school and you constantly were trying to outsmart the teacher you would learn absolutely nothing more than you already knew. Your cup would remain full and your drink would go stale. This cup is your mind so before I tell you what art truly means you must first empty your mind of all things you think you know about art.

Art is not something created to be pretty, it is important you understand this concept for it is one of the most important. While a painting or a song can and will often times have much beauty it is not the reason they are created. A flower does not attempt to be beautiful and yet it is. Art is the path of freedom. When you are one with your art, you are free to express yourself. When you become a master of yourself you become a master of all things. Yet mastery is not something to be attained but rather a course or path to become one with. Art is a process and thus the path begins on The Art Of Healthy Living.

The Art Of Healthy Living is something that is deeply personal and cannot be taught. It is not something “learned” nor is their any system or method to follow. There is no specific diet or exercise routine you must follow to be an artist of healthy living. You must learn who you are in the universe and dissolve all ignorance, only then will The Art Of Healthy Living Fully reveal itself to you. Each day is a journey of self discovery. We find something new about ourselves everyday. Those who fail to see this fail to see the ever changing. They have tried to freeze the water of life so that it can no longer flow and all things in their existence become cold and stale.

At The Art Of Healthy Living we present many ways to live healthy from many different points of view. While some of these view points will be of no benefit to you, there will no doubt be another for whom there life was changed because of this view point. Certain ways of living healthy are useful to one and useless to another. When you practice The Art Of Healthy Living you become an artist and like any artist you have your own style of doing things. If you follow the paths of others entirely and do not learn to find the way yourself than you will be forever doomed to not know who you really are. Discover what a healthy life means to you, but take nothing to be an absolute for this is something that can be answered by you and you alone. It cannot be learned from another for they are a just a sign pointing down their path. Your paths may intertwine at some point but there will always be a fork in the road at some point where you must once again ask yourself what it means to live healthy. Some think they practice the Art of Healthy Living by following others path step for step but they don’t see that these people they worship and follow had to find their own way. Though they may have followed others for a while they eventually went down a path all their own and found what works best for them.

Artists in all fields should understand what art means especially the practitioner of The Art Of Healthy Living. Learn to live healthy but do not force your methods or systems upon another. Instead present what works for you, giving the pupil a choice. At our site we prevent knowledge that was useful to one which will no doubt be useful to another. We take suggestions from our visitors and we present their ways of living healthy even if it seems foreign to us. Some art is more abstract than others but is still art none the less.

The Art Of Healthy Living is based on the creativity of the individual. This way the individual creates the healthiest lifestyle for him/herself, instead of a healthy lifestyle that suits someone else best but is difficult for you to maintain. Don’t feel obligated to live in extremes and excesses. Don’t resort to diets and systems that are so strict and rigid that they leave you questioning The Art Of Healthy Living. Nor should you be so undisciplined as to completely deny every facet of Healthy Living. You should find your middle ground and become The Artist Of Healthy Living that you were born to be.

Roses don’t bloom from Sunflower Seeds, yet both are beautiful creations when there is no comparison. Discover your roots and reveal the beauty of your blossoming.

The Amazing Benefits of a Healthy Eating Plan

As with all things, there is a learning curve and there are many ways to make this happen. This diet plan be just a starter or is a toe in the water to show you what you need to consider. Besides shunning some foods, you are eliminating many possibilities for an unhealthy life. A person can enjoy the benefits of eating healthy food and lead a normal and healthy life if he or she follows the healthy dietary lifestyle and eating plan. The advantages of eating foods that have massive benefits are known to the person who leads a very healthy life. Most of the people in this world have never understood the value of nutrition because of the popular fast food culture.

Since the world has become very fast in most peoples life’s the value of nutritious lifestyle is not known to the common person, and as a result, severe health issues have developed. The body issues not only spoil a particular person but the entire human society in this modern world. So the benefits of eating healthy and choosing a healthier lifestyle is a must to anyone who wants better health in this world without fail. You have to analyse the advantages of health and fitness needed for yourself. Without health, nothing, or very little is achievable and this is only possible through lifestyle changes and diet.

To gain knowledge, you can ask questions to find the nutritious diet needed for you. Food rich in fibre is essential to all people as it offers you tremendous health benefits. There are many benefits to eating healthy food if you practice it continuously. Weight loss is a major advantage to the person who is obese if he or she consumes healthy food regularly. Many natural foods help a person to lead a healthy life by the process of detoxification. This is quickly seen in your daily life if you consume high-fibre content food. So, you should not omit healthy food in your daily life to meet the expectations and needs of standard life. Only a healthy person can produce massive results in this world and this is only possible by knowing the benefits of eating healthy food and sticking to a healthy eating plan.

Obesity seems a growing epidemic. Being overweight has become an universal issue in this world, and many strive to lose weight. This issue is not resolved unless you eat healthy food. It is important to know what food to choose and to learn understanding the benefits of eating the right foods. Weight cannot be lost with exercise only, this requires both: Exercise and diet. Not only physical health of a person will improve through a healthy diet and being active, but also mental health. Vital good mental and physical health is also part of a diet, because your social life and being socially connected is vital to good health. Another benefit is, being socially connected means being more active which contributes to some form of exercise.

Some exercises are all about extremes. There is no need to run a marathon or to pump iron or pound away on a treadmill in stale indoor air. All we need is moderate, physical activity out in the sunshine and fresh air, like going for a walk every day. Spending more time outside and topping up your vitamin D is by far a better option. There is strong prove after many case studies that deficiency in vitamin D links to many health problems.

The amazing benefits of a healthy diet have to include some other things, one by itself will have little or no effect. Also, the perfect diet is a mixture of essential nutrients needed for a healthy life. These inevitable nutrients play a vital role in normal functioning of the bodies organs. Each and every nutrient is essential for body functions, and this only is possible by a splendid healthy diet without fail. To improve your lifestyle with some exercise, being active, and a good diet not only enriches your life span but also the value of your life. So, you have to adhere to the natural food consumption process in your daily life and include it in your mind without fail. If you practice this, then the benefits of eating healthy will soon be noticeable and improve your optimal health.

Fighting Obesity With a Healthy Balanced Diet

It has become common knowledge that obesity is a problem in North America. The newspapers, magazines, television commercials and internet banners all acknowledge the issue. It is not uncommon to see advertisements encouraging membership in diet programs where you can lose those extra pounds in a short time. Marketers have even responded by providing 90-100 calorie pre-packaged snacks ranging from almonds to cookies. Others are telling us to walk it off, and some are encouraging the latest fad diet. It seems that everywhere we look there is someone, somewhere trying to fix our personal weight problem.

Is obesity an issue?

Yes, in more ways than we can imagine. It is not simply a matter of having extra weight. Being overweight or obese triggers many health related situations.

Obese Canadians are 4 times more likely to have diabetes, 3.3 times more likely to have high blood pressure and 56% more likely to have heart disease than those that have healthy weights (1). Throughout North America there are reports relating obesity to heart disease, and diabetes. There are other symptoms that are often ignored by the media but are also troubling. I personally know a lady who experienced severe pain in her feet. The extra 60 pounds she had gained caused a problem with her arches, her feet became “flat” and normal daily activities became a burden. These types of poor health symptoms affect everyone in our communities. Government run health programs become more expensive to operate, families struggle with the emotional side of disease, un-wellness and even death.

Surely you have heard that the rate of overweight and obesity are on the rise. Currently 30.6% of Americans (US), 24.2% of Mexicans and 14.3% of Canadians are obese (2). Compare these rates to those of Japan and South Korea where obesity is only at 3.2% of the population (2). That should trigger two things in your mind. First of all, something that we are doing in North America is causing great negative effects on our optimal health. Second, if there are other nations in the world with lower rates of obesity, then obesity can be controlled in North America as well.

Is there any pattern to obesity in North America?

The acknowledgment of obesity, income levels, sense of failure and lack of physical activities are patterns associated with obesity. Sharon Brady, editor of The World is a Kitchen, believes that the first problem to obesity is that a large portion of individuals are simply not facing the fact that they are overweight whether it is through ignorance, denial or indifference (3). Obesity is also disproportionally found in lower income groups (4). This may be a consequence of buying low nutrient, highly processed foods because of the low dollar values. Another possible problem with weight gain and obesity is the sense of failure that comes with cheating or falling off fad diets. A lack of physical activity or even decreased activities levels associated with changes in lifestyle can also be problematic patterns.

How can we fix the problem of obesity?

Dealing with the way we think about food and our body weight is critical. Information on the mind-body connection is readily available. Understanding and addressing mental and emotional stress is of paramount importance when you want to lose weight (5).

Increasing physical activity is recommended and the Government of Canada has published guides for different age groups (6). Activity can come in many forms, even taking a family holiday can be a way to get moving again.

However, even with a good food mindset and increased physical activity, it will be hard to obtain and maintain a healthy weight without a clear understanding of healthy balanced meals and healthy eating. Regardless of your food choice preferences, vegan, vegetarian, raw or a more traditional meat diet, it is important to make sure you are eating properly. And believe it or not, that is a simple thing to do.

The things we need to consider are:

1. Water

2. Healthy Snacks

3. Protein

4. Dairy and Alternatives

5. Complex Carbohydrates

6. Healthy Fats

7. Fruits and Vegetables

Well, now after saying it is simple, I give you a list of seven things to remember. Trust me, before you know it, the list will become engrained in your thought pattern and you will be on your way to eating healthy balanced meals and optimal health which will result in a natural maintainable weight. Let me guide you through the list.


There has been a lot of concern about plastic water bottles littering our disposal sites and being found floating in the ocean. I agree that it is a problem but the good thing is that it means people are becoming aware of the importance of water and they are drinking more of it.

60 to 70% of our body is water. It is important for normal body functions, like digesting the food we eat. We get water from the fluids we drink as well as the food we eat.

It is recommended that we drink 8 cups of water a day. Even more is required if you live in a dry or hot climate or are physically active. That seems like a lot of water, and it is if you try to drink it all at once. Try drinking a cup first thing in the morning before you even get into the shower. Have a glass or two before every meal and another midway in between meals and a glass in the evening too. Before you know it, you have reached 8 cups of water.

Many people have lost the ability to tell the difference between hunger and thirst. Unfortunately food often wins out and water is left aside. Next time you feel hungry have a glass of water first. Wait for a few minutes to see if the hunger goes away before you eat. If you feel thirsty, you body is already dehydrated. You may need to add more cups of water for your personal lifestyle.


For many of us, the word snack triggers the thought of a high calorie, low nutrient food. A good way to think of a snack is like a mini-meal that gets us through to the next meal. It is the opportunity to pick a healthy food that you enjoy but may not part of your meal on that day. One of my all time favorites are apples. If I did not have an apple for breakfast and know I will not have one for lunch, having one for my morning snack, along with my cup of water makes a great healthy snack.

Snacking is critical for children. They get a large portion of their daily calories from snacking and it is important that they get healthy snacks.

Protein, Dairy and Alternatives

Protein comes in many forms and this is often where diet styles differ. No matter what you food style preference is having protein in your meals is important.

Proteins can be found in beans, eggs, meats, fish, milk, cheese, nuts and seeds, soy products including tofu. In North America, having large amounts of protein has become standard. I have seen some restaurants where the smallest steak available is 14 oz and where ordering fish means an entire fish. Having such large amounts of protein is not necessary for your body. Protein is important but it does not have to dominate the meal.

There is much debate over the presence of milk in our diets. Some individuals prefer soy milk and almond milk. The goal with drinking these products is to obtain calcium. Calcium is available through tablet form and naturally occurs in fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are our comfort foods. When we consume them, serotonin is produced and leaves us with that “warm fuzzy feeling.” These foods are best for our bodies when they are closest to their natural state. You will recognize them as breads, crackers, pasta, rice and beans. To obtain the maximum health from your foods, decide on products that are made of whole grains rather than white enriched flours. If you like rice, add brown rice to your diet. It takes longer to cook but you will not be hungry half an hour after you finish your meal.

Healthy Fats

The first thing many people do when they attempt to reduce their weight is to remove all the fat from their diet. Eating a lot of fat is not healthy but the body does need small amounts of healthy fats to function normally. Healthy fats occur naturally in the healthy foods that we eat. Avocados, salmon and other fish, nuts and olive oil all contain fats that are healthy for our body.

Fruits and Vegetables

The number of fruits and vegetables that are available is absolutely amazing. They should make up the majority or your diet and when you can eat them raw, I encourage you to do so. When you make your meal, add lots of color by using a variety of fruits and vegetables. The more variety, the better chance of getting everything your body needs.

Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that aid indigestion. They help keep our bodies healthy, protect us from disease, strengthen our bones and make our skin beautiful. Consider them for your snack.

What is Next?

Well, now you have an idea of the important aspects of creating a healthy balanced meal. Pick a food from each category and several from the fruits and vegetables. These will be the ingredients for your meal.

An example of a traditional style meal could be fish for your protein (but not an entire fish), some brown rice, and a large salad made of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries and sesame seeds. For a healthy snack after dinner, try a fruit salad made with three of your favorite fruits.

That is how simple making a healthy balanced meal can be when you have a little information.

What Difference will this make?

Eating healthy balanced meals will allow you to lose weight naturally. At first you will still have cravings for the heavily processed products that you ate in the past. Eventually you will replace those without even thinking about it. You weight will reduce naturally and you will be able to maintain a healthy weight.

There is no cheating with eating healthy balanced meals because you are making the decisions for you diet. If you have potato chips tonight just acknowledge how it makes your body feel. Next time try a nice fresh piece of pineapple with all its amazing health and healing benefits. Acknowledge how it feels. Learn to listen to your body.

Failure does not exist in a healthy balanced diet. Every time you eat a healthy balanced meal, you are moving ahead to a better healthier you.