How to replace the leg press?


It often happens that certain exercises are not suitable for the athlete, and therefore it is important to find a worthy alternative to them. In this article, we will discuss how to replace leg press.

Leg press in the simulator is traditionally referred to as basic exercise for training leg muscles. Usually, the leg press is performed on the day of training the legs after or instead of squats with the barbell since this movement perfectly engages the front surface of the hips, our quadriceps. But what if you, for some reason, are unable to include this leg exercise in your training program? How to replace leg press in the simulator? This is what will discuss.

Leg press alternative. How to replace the leg press?

More often, people are interested in the question of how to replace squats with a barbell, since squats are a more traumatic exercise with the axial load to the spine. Therefore, people who have back problems perform leg presses instead of squats. But, nevertheless, there are such cases that a person has no contraindications, do squats without problems, and is looking for something to replace with leg press only because there is no leg press simulator in the gym.

So, the leg press is a basic exercise for training the leg muscles (quadriceps). If for some reason this movement does not suit you, you can replace it with another basic one.

The best exercises that replace the leg press:

Hack squats
Leg Press in Smith machine
Lunges (with barbell or dumbbell)

Barbell squats are the best alternative to the leg press, but it is more difficult. Most often, squats with a barbell are replaced with leg presses, and not vice versa. Although the squats are more effective. Immediately, it can be noted that for the body, squats, albeit with weight, are much more natural than the leg press of weights that exceed those that the athlete could withstand in a natural position. Using a special simulator for leg presses, the athlete does not need to maintain balance, as the body is precisely fixed, and the main legs work.

Squats are the most natural exercise, as part of our everyday life, which means that they can replace the bench.

Many believe that squats are difficult to perform technically, so they are sure that the leg press wins in this regard. In fact, it is squats that are the basis of bodybuilding training routines, and without them, you can’t achieve the result. So why not start right away, with small weights, gradually increasing the bar?

A powerful argument in favor of squats is the “hormonal response” of the body to them. In the process of squats, even with dumbbells and at home, the body produces growth hormone and testosterone. Leg press does not lead to such an effect!