We help you to choose safe medicine during lactation


Past couple of month has been busiest months of my life. First delivering a baby is tough enough and then raising a baby is toughest job in
this world.

Thank fully my little Denial is doing good and is getting all the time
stone on time health wise its demanding for me to be a single mother but yet
its very satisfying none the less. Denial is now 3 months old and trust me
these three months has bee sleepless nights for me.

First he wakes up every 2 hours and his feeding routine mostly consist breast milk so it’s a huge change
in my schedules. I used to be deep sleeper but not any more there is a constant
burden of responsibility not that I don’t like it but that sudden change in
life style is demanding in it self.

One year back when I conceived I had no idea that life is going to be this tough
this has been quite a while when I am writing something down on pc and this thanks
go to my mom who helped me a lot these days. For first week the biggest problem
was that Denial was unable to latch properly so breast milk nutrition was
impossible for him but then my mom came for rescue and finally I learned settle
art of breastfeeding. Some of my friends suggested me to go for bottle milk but
I have know from very long that nursing a baby and lactation is not just good
for baby’s health it’s also very important for physiological development of
baby, mother milk creates an unbreakable bond between mother and son.

Its great that science has came a long way and formula milk is now almost as nutritional
as mothers milk but still formula milk cannot bring the love that a nursing
mother can provide. Meanwhile I have been very causes about the arthritis
medications that I take because so many medicines pass in breast milk and some
of them are very dangerous for little Denial.

I have stopped using sunscreen because they contain very harmful substance like octinoxate and octisalate which gets
absorbed in skin and then it reaches to breast milk and these drugs in breast milk
are really bad for babies. If I have to use sunscreen then I go for mineral
based but still I avoid them and no deodorant as well. These days I go for
perfumes as the do not come in contact of skin directly.